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Photography Workshops
and (occasional) Aurora Photography Workshops

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Improve your photography with Austin Taylor!

Have you just bought a new camera? Perhaps you're keen to learn more about the camera you've had for some time but were always too busy to find out what it can do? Modern digital cameras are absolute marvels of technology and capable of amazing results. Let me show you how to get more out of your photography and have some fun at the same time!

In my photography workshops I bring together a small group of people (usually 3 to 5) keen to improve their photography beyond taking basic snapshots. You don't need anything more than basic photographic experience or knowledge - just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. You don't need a sophisticated camera either, a simple compact camera will be fine but you will be just as welcome with a more advanced bridge camera or a digital SLR too.

I will help you learn about photographic techniques and show you some of the things your camera can do. We will have a couple of hours indoors first to give you an introduction to photography - light, composition, technique - and getting to know some of the controls on your camera so you can make best use of it to help you take great photographs. We will then visit some different locations to try out what you have learned and then spend some time reviewing the photographs you've taken. We will also try out some simple techniques on the computer to make your photographs even better. All this from the relaxed and informal surroundings of my studio in Lerwick for tutorials and then enjoying Shetland's great outdoors for the rest of the time.

My workshops are an affordable, convenient and flexible way for you to learn loads about how to take better pictures in a straightforward way aimed at people with minimal experience simply wanting to improve their pictures or learn new techniques. I have arranged workshop dates at various times throughout the year, sign up for the one in your favourite season! There's even the option to add on a night time extension so you can get the chance to learn about photographing the night sky or the Simmer Dim, depending on the season.

To enquire about availability, if you have any questions or to book a place, please telephone or email, details on the Prices and Booking page.

Prices and Booking
What to Bring?

Dates for 2017

31 March - 1 April
12-13 May
2-3 June
14-15 October

29 and 30 September 2017 Special Wool Week workshops

29 September - Photography for social media
30 September -  Landscape photography tour

More details on the Wool Week website in the Spring!

I am always happy to lead bespoke or one-to-one workshops to suit your needs, please Contact Me
Aurora photography workshops with Austin Taylor

Are you interested in joining an Aurora Photography Workshop? Would you like to join a waitlist to be called out at short notice to hunt for the Northern Lights when conditions are favourable? There are no guarantees that you will see the aurora! In fact, I cannot even guarantee to call you out - it all depends upon there being a good forecast for aurora, together with good weather prospects. But if we go out you might be out for an hour or for 6!

Visit dark locations with Austin and a maximum of 2 other guests and get some inside knowledge and techie tips on how to take better photos of the Northern Lights; learn how to anticipate, plan for and photograph them. You will make best use of the equipment you have and improve your technique while considering composition and other points of interest.

Dates cannot be given in advance and you may only get 30 minutes notice of a trip. Contact me to discuss arrangements and leave a note of your contact details and equipment. You should have a digital SLR camera with self-timer or remote release and a wide angle lens; I can usually supply a tripod if you need to borrow one.

More details
Aurora photography workshops work as follows. I shall call or text you if I think we will get to see and photograph aurora, collect you or meet you and up to 2 other persons, drive to suitable locations and take some aurora photographs with your camera. The only limits on time are weather, visibility of aurora and how long you and any other guest wish to stay out. In a little more detail:

1) If I think there is a good chance of there being reasonable aurora one evening, having checked all the spaceweather forecasts and terrestrial weather situation I'll plan a trip to see if we can see it.
2) I'll then phone or text people who are interested in coming out with me to look for and photograph aurora, I will prioritise people in Shetland for a limited time
3) I may only be able to give people very short notice, perhaps 30 minutes or so, though if things look promising I will try to give a heads up earlier in the day
4) If people are available then I shall arrange to meet or collect a maximum of 3 people and we go out
5) We'll visit a number of locations that I know are good to see and photograph the aurora, taking account of prevailing weather and likely clouds
6) If we are unlucky and don’t manage to take any photographs, the charge will be 20 per person; if we are able to see and photograph the aurora the charge will be 60 per person
7) We may be out for an hour or 6, or as long as guests want to stay out. I will return you home or to where we met.

Timing: Early August to late April.

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