Total Solar Eclipse 1 August 2008

Location 46° 20' 7" N 91° 24' 42" E, Bulgan gol, Mongolia

A few of the photos I took of the 1 August Total Solar Eclipse and us watching it. We left the main party of eclipse watchers at our camp site and headed off a bit further south - I was concerned about the closeness of the mountains at their viewing site. We came to a fantastic site with a large area of elevated (about 20m) morraine overlooking a wide plain with distant mountains and some trees close by for shade. Before it began some of us practised our juggling skills! There were 4 of us at this site including our driver so we had ample time and space to set up and take in the spectacle. Apart from me this was the first eclispe for all the other 3 and they were all blown away by the xeperience - I think we have some new eclipse addicts!

Image Ref: 2008-09702 - Image Date: 01 August 2008 GPS Data: 46°20'6" N 91°24'38" E 1316.0 m
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