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Wildlife Gallery


Killer whales at Levenwick            
 Killer whales at
Levenwick, Shetland
8 January 2012

Sei whale at Firths Voe


Pilot whale at Garths Voe


Pilot whales, Lerwick Harbour


Polar Bear "Walker" at Highland Wildlife Park 

Sei whale at Firths Voe,
Mossbank, Shetland
1 September 2011


Long-finned Pilot whale at Garths Voe near Sella Ness
13 May 2011


Long-finned Pilot whales at Victoria Pier, Lerwick
5 March 2011


Highland Wildlife Park, Kingcraig, Highland
January 2011








Common Seal, Lerwick     Puffin at Noss   Scots Lovage
A Common Seal, Lerwick   Arctic and Common Terns in Shetland   A Collection of
Shetland Wildlife
  Plant Survey, Mousa, Shetland
12 July 2007

Roadside Plants







Roadside Plants,
Channerwick and Quarff
26 August 2007







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