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Photography Workshops

Macro photography at CatfirthPuffins at NossFethalandMousa


What to Bring?

For the evening and outdoor parts of the workshop bring the following:
Digital Camera - compact, bridge, Compact System, Mirrorless or DSLR
Any additional Lenses you wish to use
Tripod, if you have one - I will have some tripods available to borrow
Polarising, Neutral Density or Graduated ND filters will be useful if you have them
Any other equipment you normally use, such as a remote release trigger
Plenty of memory cards and fully charged battery
Camera bag or rucksack, preferably weather proof

For the Tutorial session also bring:
Manual for your camera - in case of any technical queries about its controls
You might like to bring a notebook, if you wish to take notes - though I shall provide you with printed notes from the tutorials.

Packed Lunch for Saturday. Refreshments will be provided at other times.

Clothing and footwear suitable for some walking in the countryside or at the coast - though there will not be anything too strenuous. Bring a waterproof jacket and boots or wellies (though we will try to avoid being out in really bad weather). You might like to bring waterproof trousers and gloves.

Special Workshop programmes
For the workshops to Noss, Fethaland and Mousa the following items are essential:
• Warm, wind and waterproof clothing, including waterproof trousers
• Hat and gloves
• Wear footwear that provides good ankle support and has a firm sole with a secure grip, walking boots are strongly recommended
• Packed lunch plus either hot drink or soup, water and some high energy snacks for reserve.
• Waterproof rucksack cover or liner for your camera gear is also recommended
• Sunscreen and midge repellent may also be required, dependent on the weather

Prices and Booking
What to Bring?


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